Business Banking Services

Business Essentials

Your basic commercial banking account!

  • Online Banking with account alerts and Bill Pay
  • Mobile Check Deposit (Separate Agreement Required)
  • Electronic Statement Delivery
  • Debit Cards
  • Business Checking Account
  • Business Savings Account
  • Basic User Management
  • Data Exports (Excel, Microsoft, Quickens® & QuickBooks®, integration)

Business Essentials Plus

Extend your basic account with advanced features for business.

  • Online ACH (Automated Clearing House) Service (Separate Agreement Required)
    • Pay your employees via direct deposit
    • Collect funds from customers electronically
    • Pay vendors electronically
  • Online Wire Transfer Requests

Treasury Management

Your premier business banking account and affiliated services.

  • Enhanced security features, including optional IP address and location restrictions
  • Customizable reports
  • Additional Data exports (including BAI2 format)

Commercial Add-On Products

*Note - These add-ons are not available on the Business Essentials Account.

  • Sweeps and Zero Balance Accounts: Set a target balance in your account, and automatically have funds swept to and from your account as needed from a line of credit or interest-earning account.
  • Lockbox Services: Direct your customer payments to a special mailing address managed by our third-party lockbox provider, who will process all incoming payments and deposit those payments into your account. Includes online access to view your incoming items, and also daily customizable reports that can be tailored to your needs (data capture options include invoice numbers, payment amounts, and any other information included on the invoice or check).
  • Positive Pay – fraud prevention: Send us a file containing the checks you’ve issued that day, and we’ll compare it to the actual checks as they clear your account. Any checks that attempt to clear your account that are not on your list will be marked as exception items and will be subject to your review before they are processed.
  • Merchant Check Deposit: Deposit your checks directly to your account without having to go to the branch.